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These stories were well-liked because of the mysteries they solved!


பிரிட்டிஷ் ஏஜென்ட் பேயோன்
ஹால்ஃப் கேர்ள்பிரென்ட்

சேத்தன் பகத்
Half Girlfriend Tamil - Chetan Bhagat
இன்னொரு பட்டாம்பூச்சி
Innoru pattampoochi
நகரும் விரல்
Nagarum Viral
தீயாக உன்னை கண்டேன்
Theeyaga unai kanden
வெளிறிய குதிரை

டான் பிரவுன்
Ārijiṉ Don Brown
ஓளிவதற்கு இடமில்லை

olivatharku idamillai ra ki rangarajan
குமார் துப்பறிகிறார்
Kumār thuppaṟikiṟār

டான் பிரவுன்
Naragam Don Brown
பூமியின் மையத்திற்கு ஒரு பயணம்
boomiyin maiathirku oru payanam

லேவ் தல்ஸ்தோய்
Lēv talstōy puttuyirppu
ரசவாத கல்

Harry Potter rasavatha kal
ஹாரிபார்ட்டரும் பாதாள அறை இரகசியங்களும்

Hāripārṭṭarum pātāḷa aṟai irakaciyaṅkaḷum - jē.Kē.Ravliṅ
These stories were well-liked because of the mysteries they solved

Most who appreciate the human mind can appreciate a good mystery, and, in fact, that is how the mystery genre came about. Mystery fiction is a genre in literature that focuses on someone solving a puzzle or a crime. It is also commonly referred to as crime fiction or detective fiction for this reason.

The genre includes novels and short stories that are written for a special kind of audience, because people who read mysteries expect the standard rules for the genre:

  • A realistic, yet suspenseful plot with a lot of twists
  • A shocking, yet realistic crime
  • Foreshadowing evidence
  • False leads
  • A clear crime solver, AKA the protagonist or detective
  • An unexpected villain, criminal, or culprit
  • The mystery will not get solved until the very last minute
  • For the most part, things will work out in the end
  • In any mystery story, however, just remember that there are three basic questions to be answered: 'What happened? How did it happen? Who did it?'